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Milliken Valves

The Milliken Valve Company designs, develops, manufactures and markets plug, butterfly, and check valves and their respective controls and actuators. These valves are used primarily in the water, wastewater, and sewage markets.

Onyx Valves

One of the most innovative companies in the water and wastewater industry, ONYX VALVE has revolutionized the technology of pressure sensors, pinch valves and rubber duck bill check valves.


These valves are a unique defense against pipe bursts and pipeline system damage! Vent-O-Mat Series RBX and RGX Air Valves has evolved from a long lineage of research and development into a product that has proven unsurpassed for air release, vacuum protection, surge alleviation and pipeline flow enhancement.

CCNE Check Valves

For nearly 25 years, CCNE has supplied standard oil and air cushioned check valves in the industry.


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Our company’s philosophy is “to be the most reliable and reputable valve manufacturer representative in the Southeast.”

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Specialty Valve Company has a combined 75 years of sales experience. We represent the finest manufacturer names in the water and wastewater industry.

The Specialty Valve Company is not your average representative firm. We are equipped and experienced for total valve sales, actuation, repair, and rebuilding of most valve types in the water and wastewater industry. We mount actuators and test the completed assembly for most valves and sizes with a wide range of actuator types and makes per AWWA requirements.

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